N9340B Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer (HSA), 3 GHz

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  • Product Code: N9340B Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer (HSA), 3 GHz
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Key Features & Specifications

Spectrum analyzer


  • 9 kHz to 3 GHz
  • -144 dBm displayed average noise level (DANL)
  • ±1.5 dB amplitude accuracy
  • < 0.1 s sweep time for 3 GHz full span

Tracking generator (TG)



  • 5 MHz to 3 GHz
  • TG output level: -25 to 0 dBm, 1 dB step




  • High-accuracy power measurement with Keysight U2000 Series USB power sensors
  • Spectrum monitor with spectrogram display, record and playback
  • AM/FM and ASK/FSK modulation analysis
  • AM/FM IBOC spectrum analysis and xDSL interference analysis





HSA Instrument Attributes

  • USB and LAN connectivity (standard), GPIB interface (optional)
  • Standard 3-year warranty
  • Battery life: 4 hours
  • Weight: 3.2 kg or 7 lbs
  • Operating temperature: -10 to +50 ºC (14 to 131 ºF)




The N9340B handheld spectrum analyzer (HSA) puts the speed and performance of spectrum analysis in the hands of your field engineers. It provides powerful features for field applications. Plus, the HSA’s superior performance gives you confidence in field test results while the optimized user interface enhances field productivity.










  • Creates reliable, accurate, and detailed picture of your communication system
  • Provides superior sensitivity
  • Tailors to application-specific test needs with powerful optional features
  • The following accessories are included with every N9340B HSA: Soft carrying case, AC/DC adapter, battery, USB cable, quick start tutorial and help kit CD. In addition, Keysight Technologies offers a standard 3-year warranty on all RF and microwave HSA analyzers.










  • N9311X RF and Microwave Accessory Kit for Low-cost Handheld and Benchtop Solutions
  • N9311X RF and Microwave Accessory Kit complements Keysight\\\'s low-cost handheld and benchtop solutions. These accessories provide you with a complete solution for your measurement needs.

  • N9340B RF Handheld Spectrum Analyzer Programmer\\\'s Guide
  • Programming examples for the N9340B.

  • N9340B Handheld 3 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer - Product Fact Sheet
  • This is a two-page PFS which highlights the key product features and specifications for the 3-GHz N9340B handheld spectrum analyzer.

  • N9340B, N9342C, N9343C, N9344C Handheld Spectrum Analyzers (HSAs) - Brochure
  • This brochure provides an overview the N9340B, N9342C, N9343C, N9344C HSA handheld spectrum analyzer family.
    N9340B-1DNAutomotive 12V DC charger
    Hard Transit Case
    Spare AC/DC adaptor
    AM/FM Modulation Analysis
    Spare Battery Pack
    External Battery Charger
    External Battery Charger,for Japan only
    ASK/FSK Modulation Analysis
    N9340B with low frequency performance enhancement and AM/FM In-Band On-Channel IBOC Measurement
    N9340B-INMSpectrogram Monitoring
    Add 3GHz pre-amplifier
    Continental European power cord - ONLY FOR EU DISTR W MULT PWR CORD STANDARDS
    Adaptor Type-N(m) 50 Ohm to Type-N (f) 75 Ohm DC to 1 GHz
    N9340B-TG3Add 3GHz tracking generator
    Commercial calibration certificate with test data
    N9340B with low frequency performance enhancement and xDSL measurement capability
    RF and Microwave Accessory Kit for Low-Cost Benchtop and Handheld Analyzers
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