N9038A MXE EMI Receiver, 3 Hz to 44 GHz

Brand: Keysight
Product Code: N9038A MXE EMI Receiver
Availability: Pre-Order

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Key Features



  • Perform EMC tests with a standard-compliant receiver: CISPR 16-1-1 & MIL-STD-461
  • Keep the test queue flowing with the accuracy, repeatability & reliability you need to test with confidence
  • Reduce overall scan time with time domain scanning enabled by fast FFT scans
  • Easily identify the frequencies of peak emissions prior to final measurement with monitor spectrum
  • Enhanced diagnostics using spectrum & real-time analysis, Strip Chart, markers, span zoom, zoom span & spectrogramsN


                   Calibration Plans                                                                     Assurance Plans
                 Every spec verified,                                                                Lock in support & peak
               adjustments included                                                          performance from the start