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Tekmark wide selection of electronic measurement solutions addresses the full range of RF and microwave measurement needs, including design, X-parameters, passive intermodulation (PIM), noise figure measurements, pulsed RF measurements, EMI and EMC measurements and compliance testing, signal monitoring, geolocation, impedance, ESL design, phase-locked loops, and portable field test.

Whatever the specifics of your RF test and measurement needs, our highly experienced account teams can help you find the best solution for your application or project and have it delivered to you in a matter of days or even hours. Contact us at tekmark.kl@tekmarkgroup.com for competitive educational quotes or to participate in a formal bid.


Source: Keysight

Link: Keysight RF & Microwave Test Accessories - Selection Guide

This document lists the commonly-used RF and microwave switches, attenuators, amplifiers, and other test accessories to complete your test and measurement setup.

Source: Keysight

Link: Keysight Cost-Effective EMI Pre-compliance Test Solution - Application Note

Keysight CXA signal analyzers with the EMI measurement application offer precompliance conducted and radiated emissions testing for both commercial and MIL-STD requirements at a variety of performance levels.

Source: Keysight

Link: Radar Development Using Model-Based Engineering

This application note describes how SystemVue is well suited for use in model-based engineering. It is for system engineers, directors of engineering and people involved in the development of Radar.

Source: Keysight

Link: Performing Line Sweep Measurements with FieldFox Cable and Antenna Analyzers - Technical Overview

This technical overview highlights the key features and benefits of performing line sweep measurements using FieldFox cable and antenna analyzers.

Source: Keysight

Link: Recommendations for Port Setup When Using ADS Momentum and Modelithics Models

This application note is intended to help Advanced Design System (ADS) users using Modelithics models, simulate RF & Microwave circuits. The focus is on finding the optimum port setup for EM simulation of circuit layouts that include surface-mount technology (SMT) devices. 

Source: Keysight

Link: Generating Multi-Dimensional Signals to Test Radar/EW Systems

This application note describes how to use SystemVue to generate multi-dimensional signals for testing Radar and modern Electronic Warfare (EW) systems.

Source: Keysight

Link: Understanding the SystemVue To ADS Simulation Bridge - Application Note

This application note shows how RF designers using Advanced Design System (ADS), as well as system architects and DSP developers using SystemVue, can co-simulate for greater functionality and cross-platform debug and verification. 


Source: Keysight

Link: How to Understand 5G: Waveforms

This video will provide you with good guidance for understanding what kinds of new waveforms are being researched for the next generation standard. The example with end-to-end link level simulation will demonstrate waveform quality issues of a multi-carrier system and the nonlinearity from the RF chain.

Source: Keysight

Link: 5G Channel Sounding

This video discusses Keysight's mmWave MIMO channel sounding solution for 5G. 5G is aiming to achieve gigabytes per second data rate anywhere, anytime, and to get there, we need to use new technologies such as massive MIMO and millimeter wave broadband. solution for 5G. 5G is aiming to achieve gigabytes per second data rate anywhere, anytime, and to get there, we need to use new technologies such as massive MIMO and millimeter wave broadband.

Source: Keysight

Link: How to Design an RF Power Amplifier: Class E

This video provides an introduction to Class E Power Amplifiers and demonstrates a superior, time saving methodology to design and practically realize a Class E RF power amplifier using first principles to build an ideal circuit and then utilizing circuit design tools to synthesize a more realistic circuit topology from the ideal case.

Source: Keysight

Link: Keysight 5G signal generation and analysis demonstration at Mobile World Congress

Keysight demonstrates candidate 5G FBMC waveform co-existence with 4G LTE, and up to 2GHz wideband FBMC signal generation and analysis using SystemVue W1906 5G library, N7608B Signal Studio for custom modulation, and 89600 VSA software applications with Keysight wideband test equipment.

Source: Keysight

Link: How to Predict Package and Bondwire Effects on Your RF-Module Designs

This short video shows how to predict package, board, and bond wire effects on your RF-module designs which subsequently enables you to fix the design prior going to fabrication. The video demonstrates the process of building modules that comprise different technologies and performing EM simulation on them.

Source: Keysight

Link: How to Use Envelope Tracking to Improve Power Amplifier Efficiency

This video introduces basic concepts regarding applying envelope tracking to improve power amplifier efficiency.

Source: Keysight

Link: How to Make Accurate, Automated RF Wafer-level Measurements

The video introduces automation as a way to increase productivity and efficiency. Keysight WaferPro Express measurement software is used to illustrate the various steps in combination with Cascade Microtech Velox software for prober control and Cascade WinCalXE software for automated calibration.

Source: Keysight

Link: How to Setup and Run Load Pull Simulations: The Basics

This video introduces basic concepts regarding running load pull simulations. It then uses load pull simulation to find a load impedance that enables you to obtain greater than 43 dBm output power and greater than 55% PAE from a Cree FET.

Source: Keysight

Link: How to Design an RF Power Amplifier: The Basics

This video provides a foundation for understanding how power amplifier circuits work. If you are new to High Frequency Power Amplifier Circuit Design, this is the place to start.

Source: Keysight

Link: How to Design an RF Power Amplifier: Class A, AB and B

This video provides an introduction to the most basic modes of power amplifier operation by first building a nonlinear device model from scratch and then using this model in a circuit simulation environment to demonstrate various modes of power amplifier operation.

Source: Keysight

Link: How to Design RF and Microwave Impedance Matching Networks

This video describes how to design RF and Microwave impedance matching networks.

Source: Keysight

Link: How to Optimize the Performance of Your RF Layout

This video shows a practical and effective approach to optimize the performance of your RF layout by parameterizing it and performing EM optimization prior to going to fabrication - thus helping to achieve fist pass success.

Source: Keysight

Link: Keysight Silicon RFIC Design Solutions

In this video, Keysight illustrates its Silicon RFIC design solutions that help you achieve your goals for designing today's challenging RFICs and successfully going beyond the IC to verify its performance in higher levels of integration. 

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